Stock Statuses

You can switch between Basic and Advanced modes from the tabs below.

In this section you may create Out of Stock statuses to be displayed on the product page when a product is out of stock. The stock status name is arbitrary.

The default stock status for Out of Stock products can be edited under the option tab in Settings. The specific Out of Stock Status for a product can be edited in the Data tab in Products.

  • stock statuses backend
  • stock statuses backend

Styling on stock status

This feature comes with Arastta 1.2.0 version. It allows you to set different colors for each status.

  • ![stock statuses backend edit](media/com_githubdocs/arastta/docs/1.5/en/images/user-manual/localisation/basic-stock-statuses-1.png)
  • ![stock statuses backend edit](media/com_githubdocs/arastta/docs/1.5/en/images/user-manual/localisation/stock-statuses-1.png)

stock statuses front-end

Allow Pre-Order

Since Arastta 1.5, it possible to allow customers order the products even if their stock status is "out". If you want to allow "pre-order" feature for specific stock statuses, then you can choose Yes from Pre-Order option for that statuses. All products have that status can be ordered by the customers even if their stock value is 0 (zero).

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