The manifesto that guide Arastta mission

1. Free and Open Source

Arastta is in love with Free Open Source as it has the ability to change the world for the better.

2. Out of the Box

Arastta is designed to get you up and running and fully functional in no longer than five minutes.

3. Backwards Compatible

Arastta attempts to keep API change to a minimum in order to make extensions/themes compatible.

4. Planned Releases

Arastta releases contain a planned set of features, and are released on time.

5. Design for the Majority

Arastta aims to be easy to learn and build upon, even for those with a minimal amount of technical knowledge.

6. Low System Requirements

Arastta is able to run on affordable hosting with very basic requirements.

7. One-click Updates

Arastta is updated within one-click keeping the system fully functional.