OpenCart Compatibility

Arastta is based on OpenCart 2.0.1

While making Arastta, we've tried our best to keep the compatibility with OpenCart extensions and themes. However, we had to break some parts in order to offer the best with Arastta.

Not Compatible

Extensions that change via vQmod/OCmod the following parts won't work directly with Arastta:

  • Admin - index.php file
  • Admin - Login page
  • Admin - Dashboard page
  • Admin - Left side menu
  • Admin - Extension Installer page
  • Admin - Layouts page
  • Front - index.php file
  • Front - Account page
  • Front - Checkout page (1)
  • Front - Header search

(1) One-Page-Checkout extensions work fine as they don't change but replace the checkout page.

Extensions that add or remove features to the following parts won't work directly with Arastta:

  • Admin - Manufacturer related extensions
  • Front - Manufacturer related extensions
  • Front - SEO related extensions
  • Front - Cache related extensions
  • Front - Email related extensions


The following addons will work directly with Arastta:

  • Themes
  • Payment gateways
  • Shipping methods
  • Modules
  • Order totals
  • Reports
  • vQmod - OCmod

Even there are some addons that may not work, it's not hard to make them compatible as Arastta is based on the OpenCart's MVC structure so it will take just a couple of minutes for developers to make them compatible. Feel free to ask any related question via forums.

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