We bring the best and most advanced features together

Arastta is built with the best and most advanced features that marketers, sellers, admins and developers in mind. Here are some of the most importated features highlighted

Responsive Design

Arastta is fully responsive with its core. Sell with Arastta on every device.

One-click Update

No more hassle! Update your Arastta and its extensions with one-click.

App Store

Without leaving Arastta admin, you can install or purchase anything.

Checkout Simplified

Made it easy! With Arastta checkout is completed in just 3 steps.

Theme Customizer

No code knowledge required. Create your own theme in seconds on the fly.

Layout Manager

Managing your modules for the layout is just piece of cake. Drag & drop.

SEO Boosted

Get better results from search engines thanks to Arastta's great SEO features.

Security Increased

Arastta provides advanced security options and keeps your site safe.

Performance Improved

Caching technology and high quality code provides best performance.

Menu System

Just create, drag & drop and manage your menus with ease.

Installation Eased

It's not rocket science. Install Arastta in just 2 simple steps.

Search Ajaxified

Thanks to Ajax Search just let your customers find products while typing.

Facebook Store

Publish your products on your Facebook Page with just a few clicks.

PDF Invoice

You and your customers can manage and download the invoices as PDF files.

Email Templates

Customize the content of the mails sent as you wish, fully multilingual.

Analytics Redifened

Thanks to built-in stats & graphs you will get every details with graphics.

Multi-language Enhanc.

Create your multi-language store easily and start to sell to the world.

Translations Eased

Forget hacking language files. Change language text within admin panel.

Admin Interface

Managing your products, categories via admin panel is just a peace of cake.

Marketing Organised

Reach your marketing tools from the same interface and get an overview.

Mail Delivered

Yours and your customers' mails are in safe and delivered with Swift Mailer.

File Manager

No need to login your FTP or cPanel. Manage your files via File Manager.

Built-in Export-Import

Import or Export your data within one-click via Excel files.

Migration Tools

No need to wait, just migrate your store from others with ease.

Backward Compatible

Keep using your extensions and themes after new updates.

Trigger System

Modify the core without hacking it thanks to the event system.

Technology Upgraded

Arastta uses the latest & leading technologies and coding systems.