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Until Arastta 1.5 version, there was only Google Analytics support in the core. Since 1.5 version, Google Analytics support is removed and a new extension type is added separately which includes Google Analytics and Woopra out of the box. Also, 3rd part developers can easily add new Analytic extensions.


To integrate your desired Analytics account into your Arastta store, navigate to Extensions > View All... menu from the right menu of your admin panel (you can open right menu by clicking on the cogs icon located in the top right of the page).

View All Extensions

All available extensions will be listed on the page and you can look for analytics extensions in this list. An easy way to find analytics extensions specifically is to filtering the extensions. To filter analytics extensions, first, choose Type from the filter area at the top of the page.

Extension Type

Then you can click in the search field, a dropdown list will be opened which lists all available extension types and choose Analytics. The page will be refreshed and all analytics extensions will be displayed in the list.

Edit your desired Analytics extension to complete the integration.

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