Core Modules Overview

You can switch between Basic and Advanced modes from the tabs below.

There are 18 free core modules provided with the latest version of Arastta:

  • Account: The User Account links (My Account, Edit Account, Order History, etc) box for the customer to access.
  • Affiliate: Links for the store's affiliate program is made available in a box for affiliates to access.
  • Banners: Adds an image banner with icons linking to different products or manufacturers in the store.
  • Bestsellers: Adds a window displaying the best sellers wherever position/page it is specified.
  • Cart: Adds a cart module in any module position. There are 2 different cart types are available: mini cart and full cart.
  • Carousel: Displays banner that can be navigated through as a slideshow.
  • Categories (Wall): Displays a module on the top below the header. It contains selected categories and subcategories of the store.
  • Category: Displays a module containing all the categories and subcategories of the store.
  • Featured: Displays a feature box containing selected products.
  • Filter: Displays a module containing all filters of the store.
  • Google Hangouts: A chat box used with a Google account to interact with customers.
  • HTML Content: This module allows to display any content (image, HTML, links, etc.).
  • Information: Adds the information tab containing the Information pages (About Us, Delivery Info, Privacy Policy, Terms&Conditions)
  • Latest: Adds the latest, or most recently added, products in the form of product icons to a product box on a page.
  • Login: Displays the login module.
  • Manufacturer: Displays the Manufacturer list on a module.
  • Slideshow: Displays a slideshow module containing banners created in Banners page. You can set the width and height of the module.
  • Specials: Displays all the products with Specials in a product box. Specials can be added to products in the Special tab.
  • Store: Creates a box for the customer to select another store to visit if there are multiple stores managed with Arastta.
  • ![core modules list](media/com_githubdocs/arastta/docs/1.5/en/images/user-manual/appearance/modules/basic-modules.png)
  • ![core modules list](media/com_githubdocs/arastta/docs/1.5/en/images/user-manual/appearance/modules/modules.png)

All of these modules can be manipulated with the Layout, Position, Status, and Sort Order tools in Modules.

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