I installed the USPS Shipping Module to use with my store and it's working (had to fix some files, the PHP tag was not closed and etc) and I do have the First Class Mail options enabled but the First Class option is not showing during checkout on an 8 Ounce item. The First Class option should show for orders up to 13 ounces. Anyone have any idea why my USPS First Class Options are not showing for the customer? All that's showing is USPS Priority Mail which is quite expensive for a tiny 8oz item!
Tuesday, July 10 2018, 04:28 AM
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    Tuesday, July 10 2018, 07:20 PM - #Permalink
    PHP tags doesn't always need to be closed, sometimes it's skipped to avoid issues - so any details would be useful.

    For the rest I see no debug info, so it's impossible to say anything about your issue. Still, check your weight settings, and debug to see if it's correctly applied in the shipping module - maybe even test with a 0.0001 weight to see if it shows up.
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    Monday, July 16 2018, 01:52 PM - #Permalink
    I discovered the issue. The issue was, I had the Weight Class set to Ounces in Settings and it needed set to Pounds for the module to function correctly. I just select Ounces on the product page itself. USPS First Class is showing now for the 0.008 weight. Thanks for your help and I am new to this so what is the Debug Info???
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    Monday, July 16 2018, 02:01 PM - #Permalink
    Great that you got it solved.

    Debug info is kind of everything anyone would need to recreate the issue, like your system setup, configuration, installed extensions/modifications. What you have tested, your error log, etc. etc.

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