I want use Arastta Cart for a couple of europe sites via Cpanel WHM but Host wants more $. What can I do? :)
Thursday, September 12 2019, 10:19 PM
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    Friday, September 13 2019, 12:51 PM - #Permalink
    Hi Sted,

    There is a cost for WHM Cpanel licenses so somewhere along the line it has to be paid by someone :-


    Also, there is Plesk, but this also has a cost for the management software :-


    It might be useful if you explain how much you are currently paying for your hosting services, so we can determine whether it is extortionate or not?

    In summary perhaps you could look for another host provider as many offer the features you mention.


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    Friday, September 13 2019, 04:11 PM - #Permalink
    Thanks for the reply.

    Well the host is not bad, but now when I go to the Cpanel softaculous apps installer, to instal the Arastta Cart on my site virtualfreeze.com , I choose Arastta Cart and this alerta comes up.

    "Arastta has not been updated for more than two years and may no longer be maintained or supported by the script vendor" :o

    Yeah OK, but I like Arastta and with a couple of sites I use Arastta and it works tops, no problemas.

    So I fill out the instal questionario and go for the instal button and I click it - INSTAL.

    Then I get this NO GOOD Message and NO Arastta Instal. Fwacks.

    " The following errors were found : Required PHP extension not found : mcrypt "

    I call the host service and there is absolutely nothing they can do but to forward my call to the Service Upgrade Billing Dep.
    I'm a small guy, I already payout $ 360 USD / year ...now they tell me the Hustler service might go up sky high $$$$ with the upgrade i NEED in order to instal and use Arastta Cart. DARN!!!

    But this is ONLY for new Arastta cart installations.

    I just like Arastta cart, it works great for me and I can play along with some of the programming stuff you folks out there have created.

    Does this mean no more Arastta?

    Any ideas is much appreciated folks. :)

    thanks again Hackasacka
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    Friday, September 13 2019, 06:38 PM - #Permalink
    Hi Sted,

    It may be that this extension is deprecated in the version you are using before you install Arastta with Softaculous.


    You can usually change the PHP versionyourself in Cpanel so perhaps set it to PHP 5.6 with Cpanel -> MultiPHP Manager.

    Then try and install it again.

    With regards to your host provider this should not really be an upgrade in our opinion so consider moving anyway.

    Arastta may or may not be supported in the future and therefor upgraded, so you may have to do this yourself or consider other options. It should be relatively simple to export your data to another system anyway.


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    Tuesday, September 17 2019, 12:51 PM - #Permalink
    Your host must be a scam Sted, activating mcrypt and/or simply select another PHP version inside cPanel should be very easy. All cPanel hosts I've used has those options available for the users to select themselves.

    Anyhow, since the core team doesn't care to release a new version adding PHP 7.2/3 compatibility, it might sadly be time to move on to a more reliable project and system.

    That said, you can also always install Arastta better directly than through Softaculous, even if that doesn't fix the server limitations/requirements: https://arastta.org/docs/installation

    Also using this installation method you can install it using the code from the dev branch at GitHub, compiling your own installer, who contains some fixes for PHP 7.2 including removal of mcrypt requirement ( https://github.com/arastta/arastta/commits/1.7-dev" target="_blank">https://github.com/arastta/arastta/commits/1.7-dev ): https://github.com/arastta/arastta

    Or use the pack which I already compiled to test: https://github.com/syntaxerror/arastta/releases/tag/1.7.0-dev (DON'T EXPECT SUPPORT FOR IT!)
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