Hi Everyone,

I am new to this platform and am not sure if it is just me but is there any way of being able to have the product prices include tax instead of the default of showing the prices excluding tax. I have looked around the Arastta interface and have not found anything that you can select to have products include tax in the displayed pricing. If someone can please offer any assistance or advice that would be much appreciated.

Hoping to find a solution soon, will update here if I find a solution.
Tuesday, November 07 2017, 09:18 AM
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    Wednesday, November 08 2017, 04:29 AM - #Permalink
    It's under store setting under options tab. Under Taxes.
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    Thursday, December 21 2017, 12:51 PM - #Permalink
    It's there, but is not working on 1.6.2. Display products with taxes - yes, shows Ex. tax on frontpage
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    Thursday, December 21 2017, 02:17 PM - #Permalink
    Hi Stefan,

    The "tax" can be configured as "on or off" and is in "System - Settings - Option (tab). There is then a choice of :- Taxes: Display Prices With Tax [Yes, No].

    We think that the option does work.

    However, when you select "Yes" for display prices with taxes it does exactly that, but in addition it also shows the ex. tax value too.

    If you select "No" for display prices with taxes it does exactly as expected and displays the price without tax.

    If the product had its option set under the "Data" (tab) as "taxable goods", the customer will still be charged tax during the checkout process in both cases.

    The choice of template sometimes effects the choices made in any of the settings generally, so it's worth testing. There are layout pages with the extension ".tpl" which can be found in paths:-

    /catalog/view/theme/second/template/ (this is actually the default on installation)

    For example you could have a look at the file in path:-


                            <?php } ?>
    <?php if ($tax) { ?>
    <li><!-- <?php echo $text_tax; ?> <?php echo $tax; ?> --></li>
    <?php } ?>

    Here is a simple remedy whereby on line 168 approx. we have commented out the html/php within the "li tag" that displays the "ex tax".

    If you can fathom this then you can also customise the visual layout directly without using the "Admin" interface too.

    Hope this helps.


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