Will the mobile app ever be made so that the order status can be adjusted from a phone?
Saturday, April 15 2017, 05:31 PM
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    Thursday, April 20 2017, 10:20 PM - #Permalink
    Just thought I would share some of the issues with the app that have been mentioned before but repeating them to provide a list of found problems.

    1) The app doesn't allow double quote character for showing inches ( " ). Converts to ( " ).

    2) I found the order status update, but when you change the status of the order and click on "Save", it states it has been saved, but it doesn't work and doesn't change the status. Guessing maybe it's not sending the info to the website database to update the order status.

    3) When looking at the products on an order, it doesn't show the options selected on a product that has options like sizes, colors, etc. You would have to go directly to the admin area of the website to get the exact product details to fulfill orders.
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