Most of the time I'm struggling with the install from marketplace in admin, getting a "File could not be downloaded!"

Server running PHP 5.5.30, all folders writable, cURL and allow_url_fopen on/enabled etc.

Any idea how to debug it?
Tuesday, October 15 2019, 07:34 AM
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    Tuesday, October 15 2019, 01:53 PM - #Permalink
    Hi Edide,

    In Arastta Admin backend you can set the error messages to be more verbose to help debugging by modifying System -> Settings -> Server (tab) :-

    Debug System - Yes
    Display Errors - Advanced
    Log Errors - Yes

    Then manually visit the "Marketplace" in a browser and download the extension you are interested in to your computer ;-


    good ecommerce website structure

    In the Arastta Admin backend go to Extensions -> Modifications and look for the icon on the top right-hand-side for "Upload Extension".

    Then click "Upload" and locate the extension you have previously downloaded and install it manually.

    The domain "arastta.io" often has issues and the reference to it in file:-


    causes problems with the "Marketplace" and updates (that currently don't exist anyway as it hasn't been updated for 2-3 years).

    Hope this helps?


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