I am currently using Mijoshop (an opencart derivative using Joomla as platform), but would like to migrate to Arrasta.

Currently I'm using EmagicOne's Shop Manager to edit and add products etc. It is far superior to using the web interface, and you can edit several records at once, clone products to make adding new items faster etc.

I simply can't believe that companies are actually just using the web interface to add products?

So.. Are there any "shop manager" type software that edit the sql database directly or at least can do multiple uploads after local edit?

I did contact EmagicOne and they are currently not planning to release shopmanager for Arrasta any time soon.. even if it might happen. Also, the Opencart version does not seem to work with Arrasta according to several forumposts.

Any information is appreciated..
Wednesday, August 23 2017, 01:53 PM
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