I searched out a new and free working carousel because previous updates a year ago broke the carousel and there appears no effort to repair it so I came across one on opencart.

Not much had to be done to adapt it to Arastta other than a few file name changes.

So I thought I would share it here.
Don't see much point on putting it in the market place as it appears no one is managing that either since submissions aren't being approved.

1) Upload the files
2) Go to Extensions>View All and filter for "Modules"
3) Find EC Slideshow and edit it.
4) Start by creating your banners. Add additional banners per slideshow. (This carousel allows multiple slideshows)
5) Once banners are all added for a slideshow, create a slideshow and select the banners you just created.
6) Once completed, go to Appearance>Layout and select your EC Slideshow slideshow from the left and drag it into the area you want it to appear and Save.

That show now show on your website with many cool effects and such.

Demo: http://ecomteck.com/opencart2/
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Thursday, October 26 2017, 07:44 PM
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    Saturday, November 04 2017, 08:40 PM - #Permalink
    Better ask the developer, EcomTeck, to add it to the Marketplace. ;)
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