Hi all,
Guys I realized when I mark the order as cancelled, denied or void, customer can still see the return button in his order history which I think it's not logic. Is there any way to remove it in case some order status has been applied.

Second, how can I charge the customer for Return, some fees like handling or shipping fees are non refundable, how can I charge him that, I mean is there any way where we can mark some fees as non refundable.

Third, how can I let customer to have a button which will let him to cancel his order from his side as long as the order is not yet confirmed or shipped.

Thanks a lot and waiting for an advise.
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Thursday, April 11 2019, 02:19 PM
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    Monday, April 29 2019, 03:18 PM - #Permalink
    You can put handling or shipping fees as *non refundable* make an ToS for it. Many sites has those as "non refundable". And customer can cancel his order on shopping cart just deleting them. After making order and paid, then it´s your job to cancel it, but there is comes that if shippings etc has been paid, those you need to refund fuly back to customers.
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    Tuesday, April 30 2019, 01:09 AM - #Permalink
    Hi John,

    If your "Terms and Conditions" include a clause for shipping costs being non-refundable and the law for your country supports that legally, then surely you simply refund the rest of the order and then change the status of the order history and add a note to support this reference.

    Presumably, if you haven't actually sent the order, you wouldn't expect to keep the shipping costs?

    How you implement the refund is then dependent on the control you have over your accounting and the method you select.


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