I have been looking through the admin area to see if there is any settings for the points reward system but unable to find anything.
Maybe I am assuming it works a certain way but doesn't.

I see for each product the amount of points required to trade the points for the product.
Straight forward.

But I am wondering, can the points system be setup that the customer automatically earns points on completed purchases?
Say for every dollar spent before taxes and shipping, they earn one point. So a $500 item would earn them 500 points.

I see we can manually assign points to customers, but I thought maybe there was an automatic option.
Something I thought would be found in the "Groups" setting so to assign different points to different groups.
But I guess one point system works if the ability to adjust the group points per product works.
Just again it's an extremely big job to change every product when it should be done once in the group settings.
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Monday, February 20 2017, 11:00 PM
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Sunday, March 12 2017, 12:05 AM - #Permalink
Breck, you can set up so from the Reward Points tab (Advanced Mode): https://arastta.org/docs/user-manual/catalog/products/reward

First input is for how much points to get the product for free.

Other ones are how much points will the customer receive after the purchase, group based.
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    Friday, March 10 2017, 02:48 AM - #Permalink
    So I am still looking at this and the documentation for this isn't really clear on how to set it up, so I'll ask again differently as I think I see it.

    For each product there is a couples settings.

    Points at the top: Points required to exchange for purchase.

    Now below that is the customer group points.
    Is this the area where points are setup to award for purchasing the item?

    eg. For a 100$ purchase for an item, the customer would receive 100 points (put in customer group 'default').
    If using 100:1 ratio the same item to be purchased for points, the customer would have to accumulate 10,000 points. Assigned to top spot.

    Am I correct so far?
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    Sunday, March 12 2017, 12:17 AM - #Permalink
    Perfect. Thanks
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