Good afternoon everyone, I am from Brazil and I am using Arastta in my virtual store projects and lately I have been facing some difficulties when installing Arastta with Brazil Portuguese language, and these days looking at the code responsible for performing the installation I found the problem and I would like to be sharing where I hope it helps in the project.

The error being in the model install/model/language.php

On line 51

$link = ''.$code.'.zip';

The link to the Brazil Portuguese language repository is incorrect and that's why I did it by getting the correct link :

$link = ''.$code.'.zip';
if ($code == 'pt-BR') {
$link = ''.$code.'.zip';

It may be that the solution is not the most ideal but it helped me a lot when it came to installing Arastta in Portuguese.
Wednesday, February 26 2020, 09:05 PM
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