I don't know why, but when I add 1 item for $14.99 to the cart and continue to the checkout, and I click on 'Login' and then enter my info and login,
It shows the incorrect total in the bottom left corner.

There is no tax on any of the products.
There is Free Delivery selected at $0.00.

But if you look at the attached screenshot, the top right and bottom left totals don't match.

Totally stump as to why this happens.
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Thursday, April 06 2017, 10:59 PM
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    Thursday, April 06 2017, 11:04 PM - #Permalink
    Well I think I found a glitch of some sort.
    If I complete the address portion of the checkout, the cart info in the top right corner changes to then show 2 items.

    You can see in the next screenshot the 2 items.

    Seems an item was in the cart from a previous visit, but it doesn't appear on another visit when doing another transaction.
    Only appeared after filling in the address info.
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    Monday, April 24 2017, 02:52 PM - #Permalink
    Another issue which might be related to the above.

    I have an account for myself that I use for people that walk in off the street called Cash Sales.
    I have been finding for a while now, that if I create a sales and complete it right through inputting info and accepting payment and selecting pay in store, everything goes fine. If I return to do another sale, on the same account, I can go through the process, but I am finding the items purchased in the previous sale are still in the cart of the next sale. So I have to remove them or the next customer accidentally gets charged for them if I miss it. This repeats for every sale afterwards where items from the previous sale are appearing in the newest sale.

    Seems that once the sale is completed, it's not clearing the cart.

    Note that like above, the popup cart that appears in the top right corner looks fine, but when you continue through the checkout process, the actually cart on the webpage that appears near the end has all the previous items in it.
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