Hello anybody,
I am busy with a HTML5 website and want to embed arastta inti the HTML5. Therefor i want the navigation into the header of my HTML5 template instead of a second header from the script. Most of it works, but i have the following problem.

Like the arastta template in My Account only register and login is showed and after login the other menus shows up. I have embedded arastta into a iframe, and now i need to see and find a way if a customer is logged in so i can do the same with my own navigation. There is where the problem for me starts, i am a novice when it comes to scripting. And i searched the internet on how to do it but i stumble on php errors.

Does somebody know how to do this, and can explain to me hiw to do this?

Is there a better way to embed arastta safely?
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Friday, February 07 2020, 03:33 PM
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