I created a sales and when I go to Sales>Invoices I can see the invoice listed as INV-2017-001.
When I click on "Send via Email" I get the following message:

Warning: Invoice file was not created! Please, check file/folder permissions of "upload" folder.

I checked the folder and the permissions were 755.
I tried changing it to 777 and tested it again but the same message comes up still.

So what needs to be done to get the email invoice working?

I also noticed when the order is made as a guest registering for the first time, they don't receive the email or the invoice.
It might be something I have set incorrect. I think if it sets the order status to pending it didn't send it. Something I will play with and see.

Also a secondary observation when creating the pdf of the invoice, it always makes it 2 pages fro some reason. first page is the invoice and the second is blank.
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Monday, March 06 2017, 07:49 AM
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    Monday, March 06 2017, 07:53 AM - #Permalink
    Just a follow up, I looked in the "uploads" folder and the pdf is created but it's named ".pdf". Nothing in front of the period.
    I tried to open it and look at the contents and the page is blank. I deleted the file and clicked on "Send via Email" again and it created the file again and still appears blank and named ".pdf". Seems like something is broken.
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    Tuesday, March 07 2017, 12:38 AM - #Permalink
    Also found out that when you change the order status, and select notify customer, they receive 2 emails instead of 1. But at least they get something.
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    Tuesday, March 07 2017, 12:41 AM - #Permalink
    Sorry I didn't see this post about the problem already, https://arastta.org/forum/pdf-and-email-invoice-problem-again
    If possible, you might want to merge both topics.
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