Hi everybody,
Goo day. I installed this lovely e-commerce and it looks totally excellent. I did run many testing before I publish it and thanks God everything was perfect.

I'm just wondering if there is any way to hold the customer account upon registration till he goes back to his email and click on the confirmation email that was sent to him while registration.

it will be great.

I also noticed that that, when I tried to register, I got the message which says you have to confirm your email through the link sent to you, but the account was working fine without confirming and also no email was sent.

any advise

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Friday, April 05 2019, 12:49 PM
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Sunday, April 07 2019, 04:33 PM - #Permalink
Hi Hassan,

The documentation appears only to be a summary but it may help:-

As "Opencart" (another e-commerce application Arastta is based on) is so similar you can find a great deal more helpful articles by searching for information on it and then transposing this to Arastta i.e. Search online for "opencart customer registration".

There is a page in the "admin" under "Customers" called "Customer Groups". If you select to "Edit" the "Default" "Customer Group" and check the option for "Approve New Customers". It would probably need to be set to "Yes" for what you describe for your required setting (the default is "No").

If the email is not being sent it would be interesting to know if this changes the result. Also, does an email confirmation get sent out when an order is placed, which is what is expected as usual behaviour. This would at least indicate whether email can be sent from your Arastta installation?

If you have access to "Cpanel" and "PHPadmin" you could program the code directly. There is also a table in the MySQL database storing these details called "arxx_customer" which contains a field for "approved" (1 for approved 0 for not). The "Registration" page has an associated template file called "register.tpl" which is the view aspect of the MVC programming structure (Modal View Controller). Here you can over-ride and modify the way Arastta works regardless of the "Admin" options in the Dashboard. As an example you could set the default condition to "0". There is also a customer MVC which can be modified to suit your requirments.

Arastta Development Guide

Look up "Opencart" 2.x examples as this most closely transfers to Arastta 1.6.2 coding fork (they're nearly the same except the Arastta Admin Interface is superior and more intuitive).

Hope this helps.


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    Monday, April 08 2019, 06:26 AM - #Permalink
    Hi Hackasacka,
    Thanks for explanation. I saw that option but I though that admin must approve them manually.

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    Tuesday, April 09 2019, 12:22 AM - #Permalink
    Hi Hassan,

    Yes, you are right in that you would have to manually "approve" the new customer registration with that method.

    It will be possible to modify the "Customer Registration" process so that they would have to respond to an email verification.

    Arastta Admin Options Tab - New Account Alert Mail - where Arastta will send the "Store Owner" a new registration email alert could be modified to send an email to the customer email address with a verification code.

    This would need to be detected and then verify the "customer" account.


    Here is an archive with an explanation:-

    It might be easier be to find an Opencart module extension ver 2.3.x and modify it to Arastta?


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    Tuesday, April 09 2019, 01:37 AM - #Permalink
    Hi Hassan,

    It also may help to look at the Opencart 2.x forgot password in the "account-login" module built into the core. This then uses a "forgotten" module.


    Arastta unfortunately sends a new password as an email, but Opencart uses a page to allow the new password to be entered twice in a form via the link in the email.

    Opencart 2.x also does send an email for a new registration so we could look at how this is implemented and then repair or add it to Arastta 1.6.2.


    This could would be relatively straight forward to use a modified version of this to verify the "new customer registration" too.

    In Arastta it is possible to add custom "Customer" "custom fields" in the "Admin", so you could add one for verification here without needing to add one to the database manually or via MVC.

    You therefor need to add this functionality to the "registration" module and then make a new module to handle the verification similar to the password reset in the "account-login" module.


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