Arastta got support for adding layouts and settings through json files quite some time ago, but sadly the documentation for this is missing, so people most likely don't know about those cool features.

I'm trying to figure out what it can do beyond what's done in the Second theme, have figured out some parts of it, but have no idea how flexible / advanced it really is.

T.ex. if it's possible to arrange settings into tabs, or if it only supports sections.

And if it's possible to add a textarea supporting t.ex. html/php code.

Etc. etc.

"footer": {
"title": "Footer",
"element": {
"element-1": {
"type": "textarea",
"label": "Custom footer",
"name": "custom"
"element-2": {
"type": "select",
"label": "Display copyright",
"name": "copyright",
"option": {
"1": "Yes",
"0": "No"
"attribute": {
"value": "1"
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Friday, September 08 2017, 09:08 AM
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