Today we have released a new theme for Arastta. Clothy Theme is a modern, flat and clean theme which is built with Bootstrap framework. You can use Clothy on your Arastta eCommerce sites freely. Clothy theme is available in Arastta Marketplace so you can install it via your admin panel's marketplace section. Or you can download it and install it manually, too.

> Check our Clothy's demo
> Clothy detail page
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Wednesday, March 09 2016, 06:52 PM
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    Tuesday, March 15 2016, 01:10 PM - #Permalink
    It's quite nice, but sadly it doesn't have a "quick cart"/"mini cart" somewhere in the header, especially on mobiles it would be useful as the toolbar icons are really small.

    When it comes to mobiles both default template and most others have a issue in the cart page, as the quantity field, update and delete buttons are going outside the view. On iOS there's no scrolling neither, so it's really invisible. Overriding the bootstraps no-wrap on (long) product names would help somewhat, hiding the product image on narrowed screens would also help.
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    Tuesday, March 15 2016, 05:12 PM - #Permalink
    Thank you Rune for the feedback. I agree with you especially for a cart module in the header section, so noted it down for the next release.

    Do you think having a horizontal scroll bar on the tables (cart in this example) a problem? Because this is the default behaviour in Bootstrap if the table's content is wider than the screen size.

    I will check the scroll bar issue on iOS.

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    Tuesday, March 15 2016, 05:57 PM - #Permalink
    Personally I don't think a horizontal scroll bar is a verry big problem, I rather flip the phone to get a wider display in such cases, but we've got complaints from others about it. Anyhow, overriding the no-wrap will make more display, so the quantity field and buttons will actually display on most bigger phones I think.

    Attaching a image displaying the iOS (iPhone) issue, the user don't see they can scroll to change quantity, or remove product.
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