So I have the site installed and entering products.
I have created categories and sub-categories.

1) I have the category tree showing on the left side of the page, but the sub-categories are not showing.
Looking through the settings, and either I am missing something or not understanding it. Can I have sub-categories also show in the category tree?

2) When adding products, and I select the category or sub-category for the items to be listed in, the only options that appear are the categories.
No sub-categories are showing so I am unable to put the items in the proper sub-categories. Guessing it's also related to the above issue, but again,
am I missing something?

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Monday, August 22 2016, 10:31 PM
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    Monday, August 22 2016, 11:41 PM - #Permalink
    I have solved the second issue. Doesn't show all categories and doesn't show any sub-categories, but typing brings them up so that they can be selected.
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    Thursday, July 05 2018, 07:55 AM - #Permalink
    I am also having an issue with the categories. If I use a single word for the categories when I try to create a sub-category under the single word category, the single word category will not show up. If I use two or more words for a category it shows up just fine. I am thinking this may be a bug. It definitely needs resolved because it sounds similar to the issue you're having. See if using two or more words for categories you want to create sub-categories for helps and if so, it would be great if you can reply. I have attached screenshots to show my categories and then show what happens when I try to add a sub-category to single word categories and how they're not showing.
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    Thursday, July 05 2018, 08:40 AM - #Permalink
    So actually, I discovered it's nothing to do with single word categories at all. For me only the first six categories are being displayed. I added new categories to test this theory and that's what is happening. Is there a fix for this or does anyone have ANY idea how to get around this so I can get all of my categories and sub-categories added? I am at a stand still until I can add all of my categories and sub-categories and really need to get my store done. It's been offline for a while now! Attached are screenshots to prove it's showing only the first six categories.
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    Thursday, July 05 2018, 04:44 PM - #Permalink
    Start typing the name of the parent you want to add it to.
    Of course it's a bad idea to display all categories in the dropdown by default ... come on ... ;)

    Also, if the Basic admin mode is to limited for you, switch to the Advanced instead.
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