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I need to have multiple shipping rates for UK zones. The one I used to use for MijoShop which was an Opencart extension, and worked with MiJoShop without any modification, does not work with Arastta. It just corrupts everything. The developer was very helpful but has no intention to develop this for Arastta and seeing that extension stops the site working reckons will take quite a lot of time to do custom development.

There is also an extension for MijoShop, free from their site, called Country Zone Shipping. This works with Arastta with no problems. It basically allows each country to have its own shipping rate. But the zones come as ‘all zones’ for each country.

However, for my purpose I need this modified that allows each geo_zone to have different shipping rates within the same Country. I am guessing that for someone with good php knowledge should not be so difficult (altering the files to work with geo zones rather than countries).

I can cheat and use the extension by creating new fictitious countries with different UK zones – but I don’t want to hack into the data that much in case in the future I will need to have other countries to consider.

I am also aware of using ‘weight based shipping’ to create multiple shipping rates. But it is not elegant enough for my purposes.

If anybody interested taking this on, please let me know and will provide more details.

Thanks for your time.
Friday, August 18 2017, 05:15 PM
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