I started using the blog to post updates and news items from our store.

One issue I noticed was that when creating categories, If you want to create a sub-category, when you go to enter a parent category, it's retrieving the catalog categories and not the blog categories. So you can't use sub-categories as it is right now. Not a big issue to me but thought I would pass alone my observation.

What i am wondering is how do you view blog posts from one category only?

Catalog categories url looks like: https://store.valleybeekeeping.com/index.php/category/wooden-ware

I tried playing around with the url to get one category posts in the blog but haven't solved it yet.
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Saturday, May 27 2017, 02:59 AM
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    Saturday, May 27 2017, 02:11 PM - #Permalink
    The sub-category selection bug is true, post it to GitHub Issues with details and image please.

    Maybe I don't understand what you're asking about viewing, but to me it seems simple:



    Also, there is support for the blog in the menu manager. Letting you add menu items for both categories and blog posts directly.

    Btw! Of topic tip: You should reduce the image sizes before uploading, they shouldn't be bigger than the max displayed size. Especially images not being cached, like the ones you have in html modules, t.ex. on your frontpage who takes forever to load on slow internet connections: https://store.valleybeekeeping.com/image/catalog/store/store4.jpg (Note! This link doesn't work because you have a big letter in folder name, but it's a enormous 2.9 MB image, while it could be less than 40 kB)
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    Saturday, May 27 2017, 06:24 PM - #Permalink
    Thanks for the help. I missed the link like you have in the image.

    I will have to go back and redo some of the images in my spare time.
    We are in the peak of our business right now so spare time is hard to come by.

    Hope your enjoying your summer so far....
    Or what ever season your in I guess depending on your location.
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