As you all know Arastta 1.1 stable version is planned to be released in August 2015.

So as per roadmap we released Arastta 1.1 RC1 version 3 days ago (10th August). And today we are proud to release Arastta 1.1 RC2 version. Arastta 1.1 version have lots of new features and bug fixes reported by our community.

Get Arastta 1.1 RC2

Attention: This is a release candidate version, please do not use this version on your production sites till the stable version is released. You can use this version to report bugs and explore the new features.

By the way we named this release with the city name of where Brett and Hayden lives, Wellington, due to their valuable contributions. (Thanks guys)

Here is the highlights for Arastta 1.1 version:

- Multilingual Installer
- Facebook Store
- PDF Invoice
- System Information tool
- Option to not install demo data
- Option to select the DB driver during installation
- Option to set admin first/last name in installer
- Hide/Show dashboard modules
- Admin menu event for developers
- Wappalyzer integration

- Tags improved with autocomplete
- User Group permission page reorganized
- Improved UI of language list
- Check for existing SEO URLs
- URL alias improvements
- Refresh modifications after Arastta update

- Fix XSS vulnerability in add to cart function
- Wrong email template for affiliate forgotten password
- Missing comment in order template
- Some pages not found when SEO suffix enabled
- SEO URLs break when there are no url aliases in DB
- Missing validation for order edit/delete
- Issue with root folder when installing extensions
- Default layout shows up twice in list

Please, feel free to test and report any bug from:

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Thursday, August 13 2015, 05:10 PM
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