The administration structure of Arastta

Project Founders

The Arastta project is co-founded and maintained by Denis Dulici and Enes Ertuğrul. The project founders elect team leaders, oversee project vision and direction, and make decisions on proposed changes.

Leading Structure

Arastta has a pretty simple leading structure. The project is leaded by its co-founders and official teams leaders all together. The main task of leaders is to maintain the Official Teams which work and make decissions on different areas of the Arastta project such as support, development, documentation etc.

Official Teams

Unlike with other Open Source softwares, here at Arastta, we equally value all of the official teams. For us, a member of the support or event team contributes to the project same as a developer so we don't have a special page for Core Developers or Product Leadership Team. All teams have their own page where members are listed and discussions are hold. Each team has its own rules and policies decided by its leader and co-founders.

Application and Revocation

The application and revocation of a member is being decided in consensus of the project co-founders and the respective team leader. Applications are accepted based on a form of meritocracy. Team Leader is elected from the 3-members list submitted by the team members. Revocation is being triggered upon personal request or refuse to accept the group rules. Lack of activity and/or willful intent to harm the project may also trigger the revocation process.

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