Well, I tried posting this once and it doesn't appear to have loaded so I'll try and write the same thing again...

I was receiving an error in the FedEx shipping extention that said "No shipping options available" even though FedEx was enabled. After some time I found the solution:

(System/Settings/Local/Region / State) must match the FedEx web services address. I had setup web services in a different state and now that my address has changed, the zip code in the FedEx web services and FedEx shipping extension did not match the state in the system/settings/local/region / state.


1) Default shipping method when using FedEx or UPS should be lowest possible rate. If I enable FedEx overnight then it defaults to overnight shipping for the rate. I think this is not good and I have had to disable other shipping methods so my cusotmers do not get scared by high prices and abandon the cart.

2) Red ERROR message: A Red ERROR message when an address hasn't been entered is scary. I think it is better if it would simply say "Please enter address for rates." Another option is to move the position of the rate calculation to below the address field. An explanatory statement is better in my opinion so the customer know what is needed. Even if it says Error: no shipping address. At least there is clarification and not confusion.
Wednesday, August 10 2016, 09:23 AM
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    Wednesday, August 10 2016, 02:24 PM - #Permalink
    Your related posting is here: https://arastta.org/forum/is-there-a-way-to-change-the-checkout-page-arrangement

    I agree on both, any zone/postcode based shipping module should default to the stores zone/postcode (= lowest rate), instead of throwing an error when it's not set. But it could then also be wise to display a note like:

    "Note! Shipping availability and prices defaults to stores address, and might change after you have filled the destination address for this order."

    @Denis - Could it be a good idea to add this in core somehow, as it then wouldn't be any need to rewrite every shipping module?

    And yes, arrangement of the checkout display could be considered changed. Moving address to left/top, and shipping etc. to right/bottom. Makes sense, since shipping/payment etc. normally is influenced by the address entered. But this would need to follow the actual language the I guess, as it's seen different for LTR and RTL languages. :)

    Edit: Changed proposed notification text.
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    Wednesday, August 10 2016, 02:46 PM - #Permalink
    That is how the Flat Rate shipping method works, screenshot attached. Will check FedEx too.
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    Wednesday, August 10 2016, 02:47 PM - #Permalink
    Oops, forgot that Flat Rate doesn't check the address :p
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    Wednesday, August 10 2016, 02:54 PM - #Permalink

    Anyhow. Having the country, zone and postcode sett to stores by default (pluss the notification) in the session until something else is chosen/set would solve a lot of issues.
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    Wednesday, August 10 2016, 06:58 PM - #Permalink
    My module specific solution displayed on the attached image.

    But there are still some issues with the core checkout it seems:
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