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Add Html for descriptions

Having the ability in our old store, I miss the option to switch to html editor for descriptions of categories, products and pages.  We like to embed google maps into some of our pages, and use other images hosted on other websites to embed into descriptions of products.  With the html missing, we are going to have to eliminate items from our website.
Breck Demers shared this idea  ·  2016-08-30  ·  General  ·  Invalid


Rune Rasmussen commented at : 2016-11-04 00:52:12

What exactly do you mean here?

You want a HTML editor, which is already included, both Summernote and TinyMCE?

Or the ability to edit source code of the description field? If so, this is also supported already, you just need to activate it in the settings for TinyMCE.

You'll find the editors and settings in

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