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Options - Model/SKU support

One problem with many cart system is the lack of support for Model/SKU on product options. Product options is in most cases product variants (actually individual products), needing their own stock and warehouse handling. Also having this displayed in cart, on orders and invoices - it makes support and return handling easier for store owners.
Rune Rasmussen shared this idea  ·  2015-05-21  ·  General  ·  New


Hermes Macedo commented at : 2015-08-21 12:51:30

The idea is to be a great alternative to what is available in e-commerce platforms, correct?

Well I think you are brave to put the best wheels in a car alone. That's really good.

And one of the best ideas that you can copy is the creation of product types.

see the magento to get an idea and implement it.

-Simple product: Already has
-Grouped product: 
onfigurable product: This is what has to be done for the SKU control and so a correct inventory control: Still to be done
Virtual products(subscriptions): Virtual products do not have a physical presence, and are typically used for such things as services, warranties, and subscriptions. Virtual products can be used in association with grouped and bundle products.Still to be done

-Bundle product: Still to be done
igitally downloadable product: Already has

Already has

Still to be done

The ideal is to have this control of types of products.


Rune Rasmussen commented at : 2015-05-21 13:32:21

Btw! The way OpenStock2 works is not a good solution, since it creates all possible combinations automatically etc... it would be better to just extend the default Option system I think.


Hermes Macedo commented at : 2015-08-19 14:54:00

combination of options.It has to be created SKU (Unico) for each combination of options.


The logic of building product is the SKU (is something unique) must be unique in options also. What you have to do is to decide a relationship with the Father product

follow the link to the magento you see a certain logic and deploy it to the Arastta.

If you do think you'll have more fans!!!!!

ex: Shoes -> SKU (combination of options)

Size-> 17

If I buy the shoes + red +18-> SKU = NIK001
if I buy the shoes + black +18> SKU = NIK002
If I buy the shoes + red +17-> SKU = NIK003

It has to be created SKU (Unico) for each combination of options.


Rune Rasmussen commented at : 2015-09-08 09:42:01

This seems to cover most of my needs:


Michael commented at : 2015-09-08 13:29:58

@Rune: I use that extension for a client of mine.

And yes, it is good, while I had to tweak some to get a full working extension.


Rune Rasmussen commented at : 2015-09-09 08:06:55

Related issue at GitHub:


Breck Demers commented at : 2016-08-24 12:12:45

We would like to see this also.

Clothing we sell in different sizes all have different model numbers.

Setting up sizes in options doesn't currently allow for individual size model numbers.

Our current store uses an old version old interspire and they have that ability.

Select any size and the model number instantly changes on the store page.

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