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Gift Voucher expiry date

Normally Gift Vouchers would not be valid forever, normal is like one year I believe. Thus the Gift Vouchers would need a option for setting the expiry date.

Normal seems to be 12 months in Ireland (EU), most less than 5 years:
Amazon UK has 10 years:
Normal for Norway and other Scandinavian countries is 6-12 months. For Norway, if no expiry day is set, it's valid for 3 years according to law ...

So expiry date is something the stores needs to be able to set (possibly per delivery country?).


Rune Rasmussen shared this idea  ·  2016-01-09  ·  Cart  ·  New


Rune Rasmussen commented at : 2017-02-01 15:07:15

I started looking at it, admin done, catalog todo.
Feel free to take over or join in if you have good solutions for catalog parts, not breaking backward compatibility to much:

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