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Allow Pre-Order when Stock Checkout is set to No

Quite often stores want to restrict checkout to only in stock products (Settings -> Options -> Stock Checkout = No), but at the same time they might have products coming soon, or products only taken in on order (?Delivery item?) - which they also want to accept orders on.

Thus I believe that the stock statuses should have an option to set and control (override) "Stock Checkout", or maybe better, add this as an option to the products data (Always allow checkout) per product.
Rune Rasmussen shared this idea  ·  2016-01-09  ·  Cart  ·  Completed


Hermann Martinez commented at : 2016-04-02 14:11:59

Would be a goooood idea


Breck Demers commented at : 2016-08-24 12:04:13

Good idea.  We pre sell items from Nov-May with delivery in June.

So we have 0 stock, but still like to allow preorder.  Currently setting stock to 1 with no subtraction to stock still allows for what we want, But I would prefer to at least see "Pre-Order" status showing instead of "In Stock".

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