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System suppliers.


System suppliers.
Create different suppliers.
Data from each product tab indicates the supplier.
If the customer makes an order for multiple products and these are from different supplier, in order, the tab products adds the supplier of each product, example:

Product -   supplier   -   model   -   quantity   -   unit price   -   Total
iPhone   -  supplier1     iPhone            1                 150
iPhone   -  supplier2     iPhone            1                 150

A module that it makes this among many other things is:
This module is for Dropship, would only have to create the part of suppliers.
PrestaShop does not have this option, Magento not what is.
A very good and likely option so that developers create more related modules.

Arturo Rivera shared this idea  ·  2016-01-01  ·  General  ·  New

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