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Creation of product types


The idea is to be a great alternative to what is available in e-commerce platforms, correct?

Well I think you are brave to put the best wheels in a car alone. That's really good.

And one of the best ideas that you can copy is the creation of product types.

see the magento to get an idea and implement it.

Hermes Macedo shared this idea  ·  2015-08-19  ·  General  ·  New


Hermes Macedo commented at : 2015-08-21 12:49:46

-Simple product: Already has
-Grouped product: 
onfigurable product: This is what has to be done for the SKU control and so a correct inventory control: Still to be done
Virtual products(subscriptions): Virtual products do not have a physical presence, and are typically used for such things as services, warranties, and subscriptions. Virtual products can be used in association with grouped and bundle products.Still to be done

-Bundle product: Still to be done
igitally downloadable product: Already has

Already has

Still to be done

The ideal is to have this control of types of products.

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