Pravin D
Pravin D
I want to install Arastta Shopping Cart for my new online shop. Is there any demo account available for testing?

Also, which hosting plan would be good to start with?? I have enquired for web hosting, vps hosting & cloud hosting as well. Any suggestions from experts here??
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Monday, March 16 2020, 09:21 AM
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    Wednesday, March 18 2020, 01:25 AM - #Permalink
    Just be aware the Arastta is out of date for the current php version which leave your website at a security risk, and it's been abandoned so you won't get much support.
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    Wednesday, May 13 2020, 10:20 AM - #Permalink
    While it's true that Arastta is outdated for PHP 7.2 and newer, and most likely also abandoned at the moment, it doesn't mean it's automatically any security issues in it. If the server itself is kept up to date, securing older PHP versions through the OS etc., and you do your things to secure the shop itself, it can be running fine for years to come.

    Also it's possible to update the code to make it run smooth also on PHP 7.2 and newer, actually it's already done at GitHub, they just didn't release any new versions:
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